Extension springs

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*d Wire diameter: mm

*De Outer coil diameter: mm *+/- mm

Di Inner diameter: mm +/- mm

m Loop opening width: mm

Lk Length of unstressed spring body: mm

Lh Loop height: mm

*L0 Unstressed spring length: mm

L1 Prestressed spring lengthе: mm

L2 Spring length at F2: mm

*Lc Maximum fold: mm

F1 Prestressed spring force L1: N +/- N

F2 Loaded spring force L2: N +/- N

*n Number of active coils:

*Loop position:
Sideways Central

*Loops offset to one another:

*Material: Spring Wire EN 10270 - 1 (DIN 17 223)   Steinless spring wire EN 10270-3 (1.4310)

Coated: Zink   Oxid   Oil   not coated

Frequency: Hz   *Working temperature: C

*Quantity for offer: